3D Planning

All products are constructed and designed in 3D CAD programs. We can re-create everything from small detailed parts to large and complex entities.

If you have an idea, or a completed two-dimensional drawing, we create a model in 3D with software like Rhinoceros, Ironcad and Alphacam. Our programs are compatible with the most common file formats.

With the help of our portable 3D measuring arm we can measure everything from small components to large complex entities and get a digital version of the object. The digital version can then be used to supplement your product with precisely metered components, replace a component or re-create a new version of the product.

Alumiinihytin grp-moduulitAlumiiniveneen sisämoduulejaArctic AntLaakerin runkoLevitinMassiivinen kumikeula moottoriveneelleMoottorinapan valumuottiNostokölin mekanismiPainokölin muokkausRuoriVääntiö

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